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We are a leading application security company with a range of services around application threat modelling, security assessments, secure code review, trainings on secure coding, and implementing an application security strategy for your organization. In Application security, we offer protection against targeted attacks towards your third-party or custom in-house enterprise application. We have created security solutions that examine your applications for vulnerabilities including common input validation issues, language, coding or platform-specific issues. Alongside, Business logic and logic processing vulnerabilities, we develop measures to mitigate and prevent the vulnerabilities.

Web Application Testing

Many if not most vulnerabilities occur in the application layer. We identify vulnerabilities with automated and manual tests, provide remediation steps, and help validate fixes. We offer developer training and transfer of knowledge back to you, so you can empower internal teams.

API Security

Moving to the cloud and implementing digital programs means relying on third party application services to compose your business applications. Our API security services help you secure today’s increasingly complex application services landscape, allowing your organization to be focussed towards running your business

Application Threat Modelling

An early stage application risk assessment that analyses your application, its purpose and possible use cases.The process of identifying and understanding the threat inherited by the application developed after analyzing the design of the application, We are then able to present threats and attack vectors.

Penetration Testing

ASPIA’s penetration testing process employs multistep and multi vector attack scenarios that first find vulnerabilities and then attempt to exploit them to move deeper into the enterprise infrastructure. Thus helping to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities and prioritize the risk vulnerabilities.

Mobile security testing

ASPIA's Mobile Security Testing service follows a well-defined process of testing apps used by smartphones and other devices. Applications tested for vulnerabilities include business apps, multimedia, utilities and games. Types of testing include: •Emulator and device-based testing •Architecture review •Reverse engineering

Secure Development Training

We offer cost effective in-house trainings based around the OWASP Top 10 and SANS Internet Storm Centre research. Through our training, you can be sure that your developers undergo a program that is kept up-to-date and relevant to ensure all security concerns are kept in check while developing new softwares

Thick Client/Binary Application Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities in internal- and external-facing thick client applications, binary applications, DLLs, and Citrix-based applications, as well as kiosks.

Secure Code Review

A Secure Code Review identifies security flaws in code early in the development,which helps identify weaknesses that may allow exploitation of the application. This provides developers with an end-to-end overview of each instance of vulnerability, allowing them to quickly resolve the situation.
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