With our specialists and consultants from the digital forensic investigation domain. We help clients involved in litigation with digital evidence and data collection across IT assets and social networks

Cyber Forensics

We deliver auditing and effective online foot print traces for litigation and testimony to our clients.

ASPIA Digital Forensic services involve the preservation, recovery and analysis of electronically stored information in a legally acceptable manner that preserves the chain of custody. We offer advance forensic analysis of digital assets and network communications, delivering a comprehensive view into audit trails and incidents. At ASPIA, we have aligned our methods and techniques with industry’s forensics best practices in order to assure the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of evidence collected for a digital forensics investigation.

The comprehensive scope of Digital Forensic services ASPIA offers include:


IP Theft | Non-Compete | Non-Solicitation
White-Collar Crime | Fraud | Embezzlement
Breach of Fiduciary Responsibilities
Contract Disputes
Destruction of Data
Audit report
Domestic Relations
Insurance Claims
Negligence | Product Liability
Privacy Violation | Breach
Professional Malpractice
Wrongful Termination
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