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Solutions for Cyber Security

ASPIA specializes in technological and IT-related services such as application security, network security, trainings, forensics etc

ASPIA specializes in providing high-quality technological solutions and value based IT programs. We recommend specific Information Security solutions after conducting an assessment or after gathering your specific requirements on your existing landscape. What we offer is an effective and comprehensive solution with highly competent people, process and technology-based answer that can improve your overall operational performance , security and availability – all the while reducing costs, quick time-to-market and increasing productivity.

Solutions provided by ASPIA


Data Leak Prevention

With our data protection solutions you will never have to worry about a leak in the organization.

Secure Web Gateway

Now filter malicious internet traffic in real-time using ASPIA's solutions, keeping you off radar from possible threats.

DDOS Protection

With ASPIA DDOS protection solutions organizations can be assured of attack mitigation to maintain performance and availability.

Web Application Firewall

Protect your applications from unauthorized access and traffic with ASPIA's WAF solutions


Now monitor your assets and avert any potential threats with proactive logging using our solutions.

Email Security

Ensure protection of your Mailing infrastructure using our services and design security controls to ensure maximum security.

More Solutions by ASPIA

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